As Code Brew Studios, we have greatly invested in the art of design. We have developers and designers who work as a team so that you can enjoy quality branding which will promote your effective web and business solutions. Honestly speaking, when it comes to designing, you can count on us. We will ensure you get value for your money.

Creative and Distinctive Branding

If you need credible and fresh branding, you ought to approach us. We are one of the leading branding agencies in Bournemouth. That achievement should give you the ability to trust and allow us to carry out the branding of your company. We will work together with you to ensure you have the right message conveyed to your potential customers. The branding will be efficient both online and offline. Most importantly, we can develop functional brands which are unique, interesting and creative. Definitely, your brand will be able to attract your target population in the market. Zack Howard, Code Brew Studio’s founder has vast experience in this field. He has worked for more than 30 years offering branding services all over Bournemouth. His commitment and visionary nature have had a positive impact on our amazing branding projects.

Our Team

Mobile Web Design

Currently, web designs have to be dynamic. This means they have to work well on a wide variety of devices that come with various screen sizes. In that connection, we have ensured that our designs work on not only mobile phones but also tablets. In addition, our web designs can perfectly work on your desktop screen.

Quality web designs

Our company is one of the best web design firms in the United Kingdom. Our offices are located in Bournemouth and from there we are able to serve clients all over the United Kingdom. Our aim is to develop innovative and bespoke designs. This capability has gained us a large following in the United Kingdom. Clients are always satisfied with our quality services. Our web designs give provision for enhanced style, colour, structure, and shape. We can also create customized templates by using WordPress or Joomla putting into consideration your project necessities.

Quality Print and Digital requirements

We are aimed at ensuring your web design fulfils all your print and digital requirements. Due to our increased level of experience, we will definitely meet your requirements. You will enjoy consistency whether you are online or offline. We capitalize on our quality print and graphic design services to give you the much-needed help as long as web design is concerned.


You talk – we listen. You meet our developers so we can clearly understand your problem.


We breakdown your project into its smallest features. We estimate each feature, and you decide their priority.


We code. One micro-feature at a time, always keeping your projects moving smoothly forward.


Multiple times each day features are completed and deployed. You either accept or reject them. It is simple and powerful.